Eternity. by Rishi Kothari
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Music's always held an incredible amount of emotion for me. In grade 7, I signed up for my first Spotify account—the first place that I got a taste of orchestral EDM with ODESZA and the rest of Tycho's albums. In grade 6, when I moved my bed up against the wall in a desperate bid to allow myself to dream, my dreams of programming didn't feel achievable. I kept them close to my heart; they were too precious to lose to others' gaze. At the time, I didn't know that coding would soon end up defining me, and keeping my greatest passion to myself was isolating me from even my closest friends. Grades 7 and 8 were the years that that part of me finally changed for the better. I made new friends (some of which are still some of the closest ones that I have to this day), I discovered Hack Club, went to the first few hackathons of my life (s/o to Hack the North)—and I realized that I wasn't alone in this pursuit of something bigger than myself. My love for this one city wasn't stupid after all. In grade 6, I was scared to admit that I loved to code. It was a sign of weakness—it was synonymous with my antisocial behaviour and lack of friends. These songs were the soundtrack to the changes that I went through in the years after that, going from someone afraid of code to someone that loves to be defined by it.

In some ways, I'm still the same idiot that loves too quickly as I was in grade 6.

The single difference? I'm finally okay with it.